There were a variety of factors that played into why I didn’t get maternity shots taken. Was I just being vain? Why get these photos taken if I had absolutely no desire to display them in my house? Would any photo of me, at 53lbs heavier than my already chubby frame, be something I would enjoy?

I think a lot of pregnant women probably have the same thoughts running through their heads; however, as a one-and-done mom, I definitely regret not having professional shots taken.

Why? I no longer think of the pictures as for me. I think of the pictures as for my child. They are part of his story. I regret only having a few cell phone shots of me, so that when he asks where he came from and what life was like as we prepared for him, I don’t have the pictures because I was too self-conscious about my growing, miraculous body to really document it. There are no pictures of me for family albums, wall art, or even just a Facebook gallery. There are no pregnancy pictures of me for my son.

My point? Get the photos taken. You may not love your growing body, but it’s beautiful. You are literally making a little human. It’s magic. I promise that as your belly shrinks, and the days pass, you’ll want to remember what it was like to be a goddess-mother creating life. Best of all, you’ll have the images for your children.

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