Month: August 2019


Blessings for a Beauty

Welcome, Tallulah. You have so much beauty to share with the world, and the world has so much to share with you. May you enjoy a life time of adventure and love.


Open to All

Everything is political. Every decision is a choice. I am committed to letting my clients know that when they choose me, they are making the choice of inclusion. Recently, I signed the Open to All pledge. The gist of this online agreement is that as a business I open my doors to all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. The … Read More Open to All

Some Black & White on a Wednesday

Sometimes I have less to say and more to show. Enjoy your Wednesday.


Back to Work

My Monday post is a bit later in the day than usual. I’ve just returned home after a much needed vacation. Family and friends were just what the doctor ordered in a get away. Here’s a quick snap of my son’s grandpa and him. Now back to editing all of the beautiful summer sessions in my queue and planning some fun for fall!


Hamburgers & the Art of the Smile

Sometimes a little post shoot bribery is necessary, and for this loving family, an after session dinner proved the perfect family time and in-session motivation for some genuine enthusiasm. For those on the spectrum, interaction comes hard. Smiles are harder, and eye contact might just be the worst. However, hamburgers seem to remain a universal good, at least for J. He’s the oldest child … Read More Hamburgers & the Art of the Smile


Top 5 Tips for Creating Stunning Silhouettes

There’s a rock at a local park that had been begging me to shoot a silhouette style photo on it for awhile now. I’m pretty happy with the results, and I thought you might like to give silhouette photography the old DIY try. Unfortunately, when you google how to create a silhouette, the first links that pop up are how to create them with … Read More Top 5 Tips for Creating Stunning Silhouettes


Boston Back 2 School: Malden, MA

Now Booking Back 2 School Minis Is the summer really over? Not quite, but school is on the horizon. Kids change so quickly; take the time to document who they are as they enter into the new school year. These shots are from a backyard back to school session I had the pleasure to shoot this weekend. The oldest sibling regaled me with Harry … Read More Boston Back 2 School: Malden, MA


The Force of the Crop

This lovely earth goddess deserves more than an Instagram square. Doesn’t this photo just demand to breathe–unconstrained in its efflorescent glory? But alas, despite Instagram’s brilliant upgrade to non-squarable photos, the thumbnails reduce this lady’s brilliance to mere beauty. Such is the first world pain of the forced crop. Perhaps one day I will admit defeat and lower myself to the bold borders of … Read More The Force of the Crop


Black and White Wednesday

I understand why most people seem to prefer color: it’s what we see, but I’ll probably always be a sucker for a good black and white image. I began my photography journey in a university dark room. My path has been far from straight, but it was in that dark room that I fell in love with photography and learned to unsee the color, … Read More Black and White Wednesday


The Unexplored: Love on the Charles

Yesterday was my first romp around the Charles– I have lived near Boston for 10 years. I’ll admit to having driven along both Storrow and Memorial Dr., but I never really wandered. I never really enjoyed this pleasure right here in my own backyard. That’s one of the things I love most about this job: learning about and exploring new places–often ones close to … Read More The Unexplored: Love on the Charles