About Me

Welcome to Ann Leonard Photography!

To everyone’s bemusement, my name is not Ann. Nor is it Leonard. My name is Carrie Ann Califano, and I am the sole owner and photographer of Ann Leonard Photography. The company is named after my two adoring grandparents.

Now that we’ve discussed who I am not, let’s discuss who I am: I am a photographer, mother, daughter, teacher, and every day adventurer who is committed to finding joy in the journey.

I have one child, who I waited six long years for, and you might see his picture pop up a few times in my portfolio. I also have a husband who does an amazing job taking care of my son while I photograph you and yours.

I enjoy photographing a diverse clientele of different races, shapes, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and needs. I guess I’m just all around friendly.

Is there anything else you should know about me? I adore polka dots, long walks in the woods, renaissance fairs, flowers, and a perfect 72 degree day with a slight breeze.

Can you tell me more about your photography? Absolutely! I am a life style portrait photographer. I use Canon bodies and primarily prime lenses and natural light. Depending on the time of your shoot and/or the location I may use flash or portable lighting to create the best images.

How do you edit your photos? I use a professional program called Lightroom. Each photo is edited to highlight my subject, which may mean cropping, adjusting color, and doing minor removal of acne/blemishes or lessening of some wrinkles. However, I am a body positive photographer who believes in capturing the beauty of who you are. I will not make you thinner or twenty years younger, but I do hope to portray your natural allure through great posing and light.

What should you expect during a photo session with me? I like to bring fun to the shoot. I’m a firm believer in love, laughter, and the power of play. I encourage children to skip, hop, and run; I encourage couples to kiss, hug, and sing. I also may pose people, and you can often find me crawling on my belly to get a good shot.

How do I receive my images? I use a professional online delivery service called Pixieset. The website allows you to choose the images you desire to download, favorite, and purchase prints. You will also be provided with a personalized online “brag book” in the form of an app that includes your favorite images.

What should I wear to a photo session? This question will vary slightly for all clients and their type of session. I’m currently working on an info guide, but in the meantime you can feel free to message me with any questions.

Are you the right photographer for me? First, I would love to be! However, personal style is important. Take a look at my site. Do you like what you see? Do you want images that capture your family in a similar fashion? If so, I’m probably the right photographer for you. Let’s chat and see how we can work together to achieve a common vision.

What if I have more questions? You should absolutely message me!

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