A Look is Worth a Thousand “I Love You’s”

I’ll admit to prompting and posing this couple, but these looks of love were all their own.


Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer This Summer

We live in an age that demands daily documentation. Did the sun actually rise if we didn’t take a picture? And I’m a photographer, so of course I am a guilty participant! But this comes at a cost.

One of the things I love most about taking photographs is the mindfulness it brings: when I shoot I’m totally focused on the moment; my mind is fully immersed in my settings and the composition. However, I’m focused on photographing and that is the moment for me, not experiencing whatever is happening with my family.

This means that I’ve had to learn balance about when to bring the camera out, and when to be okay with some cell phone shots–or even no shots at all.

And sometimes I wish I had a “good” picture of my son eating his first s’more, riding away on his bike, or splashing in the pool. But I’m happier I got to actually participate in the moment and be part of his memories of the day.

The truth is, though, it doesn’t have to be an either or equation. Put your smart phone away for an hour two and just play. Just enjoy your time with your family. I’ll be there doing the snapping, so you can be in the memories and keep them.


High Key @ Low Tide

Photography is and always has been about light. However, most of the time photographers’ goals are to shoot an image that has a balance between both dark and light tones. High key is one of the few exceptions to this.

High Key photography is the act of intentionally overexposing an image so that most of the image is bright and there are few shadows. I not so secretly really adore this style and mess around with it occasionally.

Below is a photo from this weekend of my brother and niece. I was wading without a reflector or flash and shooting into the sun, so I knew the background was going to be overexposed. I was okay with that because I like this effect for beach shots. To me it screams of summer sun.

High Key Image @ Revere Beach

High Key isn’t restricted to black and white images either. Here’s another full color image I captured earlier this year of my favorite model. He’s playing at the Providence Children’s Museum in the water room.

Providence Children’s Museum: The Water Room

And then there is always time for the intentionally strange “arty” self-portrait.

Me, Myself, and High Key

My Brother, the Wet Ham

My niece visited this weekend! However, since she’s only three and doesn’t drive yet, this also meant seeing my brother at heightened ham level. Here’s a few snaps of how we managed to stay cool and have fun.

How did everyone else escape the heat?


Model Call: Couples Only

It’s portfolio building time again, and I’m looking for two or three amazing couples to feature!


I’m looking for romantic couples (LGBTQIA friendly) to feature on my website.

Couples must be willing to “dress-up” for the shoot. This means no casual looks, but I’m open to traditional and alternative interpretations. I ask all of my models to provide their own wardrobe, and I do ask to collaborate on final outfit choices.


The sessions will be the weekend of August 2nd-4th, 2019. To get the best light, these sessions will be either early morning and/or evening.


I have three locations in mind: one is a beach on the North Shore, one is a woodsy wonderland, and the final is an urban riverscape. All locations are within 1hr drive of Boston; however, they are not all T accessible. You will need a car/private transportation.


What do you get for your time?

An hour to 1.5 hour session, an online-watermarked preview gallery, and 3 FREE edited, high-resolution images for your personal use.

You will also have the option to purchase additional HR-images for $15 each or $150 for 20 images. Prints and other products will also be available a la carte.


Local Adventure: East Regiment Beer Co.

This weekend I adventured to the new East Regiment Beer Co. taproom in Salem, MA. The brewery opened just over a month ago, and it’s a really lovely space: it’s light and bright with an outdoor patio to boot. AND it’s child and dog friendly.

They were/are having a contest of sorts to see which fruit should be combined with their wheat beer for a full batch. I was team strawberry. The mango sort of offended me, but to be fair the wheat was pretty solid as it was.

I’m a photographer and not a beer blogger, though. For that, you would need to check out my husband’s page: Beer Rants and Books.



There were a variety of factors that played into why I didn’t get maternity shots taken. Was I just being vain? Why get these photos taken if I had absolutely no desire to display them in my house? Would any photo of me, at 53lbs heavier than my already chubby frame, be something I would enjoy?

I think a lot of pregnant women probably have the same thoughts running through their heads; however, as a one-and-done mom, I definitely regret not having professional shots taken.

Why? I no longer think of the pictures as for me. I think of the pictures as for my child. They are part of his story. I regret only having a few cell phone shots of me, so that when he asks where he came from and what life was like as we prepared for him, I don’t have the pictures because I was too self-conscious about my growing, miraculous body to really document it. There are no pictures of me for family albums, wall art, or even just a Facebook gallery. There are no pregnancy pictures of me for my son.

My point? Get the photos taken. You may not love your growing body, but it’s beautiful. You are literally making a little human. It’s magic. I promise that as your belly shrinks, and the days pass, you’ll want to remember what it was like to be a goddess-mother creating life. Best of all, you’ll have the images for your children.


Children & Families

I love children; they’re pure magic.

I used to teach kids, and I loved watching their expressions precisely because they haven’t learned to hide their emotions yet. When they learn something new, their whole faces light up. Everything is still so novel and the simplest things can still be full of wonder.

When children are bored, upset, tired, or any other emotion, you instantly know that too. That’s why I do my best to bring enthusiasm to my children and family shoots. I want my shoots to be a fun experience for the whole family, and a memory they can hold onto with joy.